General Effect of Additives

To modify the working properties

To modify the useful properties



Cylindrical concentrate avoi-ding the oxidative decompo-sition of polymers, also used as thermal stabilizer The specific fitting of other lengths of chains enables to make the polymer more elas-tic or to achieve a “soft-touch-effect“



Cleaning of all machine parts like screw, cylinder, flange, head and also the rheological dead zones Polymer preparation to avoid the combustion of the poly-mer or to extinguish polymer fire



Improves the slip and mould release properties. If slip be-haviour is modified, they are called external slip agents. Mostly they are external and internal slip agents Mostly endothermic blowing agents to achieve weight re-duction or to even sink marks in injection moulding. Also used for nucleation in EPE and EPP


Nucleating agent to achieve higher crystallinities by in-creasing the number of cells. Transparency or physical values can be improved- and costs can be reduced


UV-stabilizer to protect the packaging material. UV-ab-sorber to protect the packed material often used for com-bined purpose


Antistatic agents are suited to avoid the soiling of the sur-face, static charge or explo-sions


Cell modifier for film and in-sulating tubes (EPE/EPP) to influence and to stabilize the “cell-size and distribution“