Effect modifier

HECO®ELAST additives increase the elasticity and can be used as a soft-touch and frost-effect modifier.

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Effect modifier

HECO®ELAST additives lead to an increase in elasticity combined with a distinct surface feel and transparency.

The increase in elasticity is based on the ability to compensate the deformation modification from its original position. This means, that the macroscopic product deformation e.g. stretching, bending, twisting is possible and will revert to its original state over a certain period of time.

With higher dosages, a frost or soft-touch-effect can be achieved.

As a general rule, the higher the soft-touch-effect the lower the frost effect.


HECO®ELAST 700 PO, 706 PO and 708 PO are intended to be used with PP in injection moulding as a frost-effect modifier.

HECO®ELAST 711 PE is designed as a frost-effect modifier in PE without applying an increase in elasticity.


With HECO®ELAST 705 PO, as well as 706 PO in extrusion and 708 PO in injection moulding a soft-touch-effect can be achieved for PP.

700 PO
Frost effect - Mixture

Extrusion type for PP, slight “soft-touch-effect”, Sh. D 36, MfI 0.8

705 PO
Soft-touch - Mixture

Mixture for a defined “soft-touch-effect”, for PE, Sh. A 75, MfI 5

706 PO
Frost effect - Mixture

Extrusion type for PP, higher “soft-touch-effect”, Sh. D 30, MfI 0.6

708 PO
Frost effect - Mixture

Injection moulding for PP, high “soft-touch-effect”, Sh. D 30, MfI 8

711 PE
Frost effect - Mixture

„Frosting effect additive“ for PE and PP without “soft-touch-effect”