Blowing agents

The endothermic HECO®FOAM blowing agents are being used to even out sink marks, for the cell nucleation of physical or chemical blowing technologies or for producing foamed polymers.

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Blowing agents

With this range of additives, HECOPLAST® GmbH offers the foam-producing industry a range of endothermic blowing agents. These blowing agents are used to even out sink marks in injection moulding, as well as for physical or physical-chemical blowing technology for direct cell nucleation. With higher dosages, HECO®FOAM blowing agents are intended for the production of foamed polymers.

At increased temperatures as well as decomposition of their mostly inorganic compounds, endothermic blowing agents are able to separate gases in order to develop an irreversible foam structure caused by the affinity to the used polymer. The prerequisite of the separation reaction is mostly the adherence of an extremely tight temperature schedule which can principally be achieved with plasticising units especially constructed for this purpose. It is important, that the propellant gas remains dissolved in the melt during the homogenization phase and the strongly reduced melt pressure causes an over-saturation of the released gas and expands after release from the tool. The melt and the gas separate whereby the gas forms a multitude of cells.

In choosing the suitable blowing agent, which govern the densities to be achieved, the processor‘s priority should be the question of the blowing agent type as well as the gas yield. Furthermore, he needs to take the achieved starting and decomposition temperatures into consideration. In any case, they have to be adapted to the processed polymer.

900 C
Endothermic blowing mixture

100%, for foam nucleation

940 PE
Endothermic blowing mixture

40%, for nucleating PE foam

940 S
Endothermic blowing mixture

40%, in PS and ABS

970 PO
Endothermic blowing mixture

70 %, for foam nucleation