In the recycling sector, antioxidants are used for stabilising. HECONOX additives prevent or at least retard the impairment to polymers during production.

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Antioxidant mixtures

Caused by the influence of oxygen and oxygen compounds, polymers generally are subject to oxidation. Impairment through thermal stress, especially at higher processing temperatures can cause problems. These problems mostly occur when mixing of two or even more polymers with different permissible processing temperatures.

With our HECONOX® product range we provide a number of highly effective antioxidants, mostly primary and secondary antioxidants for the plastics processing industry.

In general, the decomposition reaction is a chain reaction. The majority of primary antioxidants are sterically hindered phenols or secondary amines which are considered as so-called scavengers. Secondary antioxidants are almost exclusively found in sulphur compounds and act by corroding the hydro peroxides. HECOPLAST® uses extremely effective antioxidants which saturate and stabilise the hydro peroxide reaction beginning already at 120°C.

Oxidation is shown in loss of gloss or transparency as well as a tendency to yellowing, in impairing the mechanical and physical properties. In principle, the ageing process cannot be stopped but can be significantly delayed and because of that the above mentioned thermal processing properties as well as the useful properties will be improved or at least retained over a longer period of time.

603 PP
Antioxidant mixture

Thermal stabilizer in PP acc. to EU-RL 10/2011 (ff), US - FDA and Pharmacopoeia

604 PS
Antioxidant Mixture

Thermal stabilizer in PS, stabilizing new material, regenerated materials, non-compatible batches and recycled granule

605 PA
Antioxidant mixture

Thermal stabilizer in PA, re-stabilization and NT- and recycled articles

625 PE
Antioxidant mixture

Thermal stabilizer in PE acc. to EU-RL 10/2011 (ff), US - FDA and Pharmacopoeia