HECO®STAB additives are specific products for the most common processing methods and various polymers.

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UV stabiliser mixtures

UV stabilisers are compounds or the combination of compounds, which are optimally adapted to damaging processes like light, oxygen as well as humidity and temperature. Caused by chemical and/or physical reactions, they interfere with the damaging process of light-induced decomposition and help to preserve the prevailing polymer for its intended purpose.

Increasingly higher amounts of UV components in the range from 300-400 Nm (max. 310-340 nm) reach Earth and start the chemical decomposition of the polymers in certain weather conditions. With polyolefins you primarily find that hydroperoxide and carbonyl groups, as well as catalyst residues (contaminations) and also in part double bonds are the cause of photochemical degradation by absorption above 290 Nm.

HECO®STAB additives are based either on UV absorbers, these reduce the absorbed light and convert it into harmless thermal energy or on a combination of HALS. HECOPLAST® GmbH offers a specific UV protection system for polymers equipped with halogenated flame retardants. HECO®STAB 376 PP is an additive specifically developed for the stabilizing of the polymer during the sterilisation process through gamma and beta radiation.

The selection of the suitable additive depends on the processing methods (injection moulding, extrusion, blow extrusion) as well as if the packed material has to be protected, e.g. in the foodstuff industry.

311 PE
UV - Mixture

HALS – UV protection for film with antioxidants acc. to EU-RL 10/2011 (ff)

317 PP
UV - Mixture

UV - absorber for the food- & cosmetics sector

326 PE
UV - Mixture

UV - absorber & stabiliser for the food- & cosmetics sector

338 PS
UV - Mixture

UV - absorber with HALS, 20% basic stabilisation in PS

372 PP
UV - Mixture

HALS - stabiliser, for thin - walled articles in PP

376 PP
UV - Mixture

Gamma-Rays - Mixture for disposable medical articles in PP