HECO®STAT additives are suitable for all processing methods: Injection moulding, extrusion, film and extrusion blow moulding articles.

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Antistatic agents

Metals with a relatively low specific resistance, have large quantities of free and flexible valence-electrons, whereby polymers only have few valence - electrons. This is the main cause for static discharge on a product. For this reason, polymers have to be protected by adding antistatic agents.

Antistatic substances suitable for polymers are mostly interface active substances which obstruct the static charge of polymers in absorbing the water molecules from the ambient air by the strong polar (hydrophilic) end and form a conductible moisture film on the product’s surface. The hydrophobic end of the molecule leads to the fixed connection with the polymer.

The antistatic effect will always be limited to the reservoir of antistatic substance in the polymer. It is obvious that this reservoir will be used up eventually because of the constant migration of the antistatic agent to the product’s surface. The result is that the antistatic effect will decrease over time.

Among other things HECO®STAT additives are a combination of short and long-term antistatic agents The short-term antistatic part will take effect immediately after the production of the finished product. The long-term antistatic will take effect over a longer period of time. HECOPLAST® also offers highly temperature-stable antistatic agents for up to 280°C.

It is absolutely essential to note that the antistatic effect will be delayed at higher crystallinity of the polymer and that a higher dosage leads to an earlier migration, which means an earlier antistatic effect.

210 PE
Antistatic mixture

35% active agents, acc. to EU-RL 10/2011 (ff) and FDA for the packaging industry

223 PE
Antistatic mixture

12% active agents, components short and long term antistatic

224 PP
Antistatic mixture

12% active agents, components short and long term antistatic

Antistatic mixture

Extraordinarily resistant to high temperatures